Previews Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Published on August 21st, 2012 | by ToyDemon


    Sneak Preview: Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Act Japan has released the newest addition of the Perverted series, with AV actress Tomoda Ayaka (友田彩也香). For those of you unfamiliar with the Perverted series, check out the previous products below:

    Perverted: Marika
    Perverted: Nishina Momoka – Beginner
    Perverted: Nishina Momoka – Maniac
    Perverted: Eiro Chika
    Perverted: Saotu Haruki

    So what’s different in the newest Perverted: Tomoda Ayaka? Unlike the previous 2 Perverted series, it does not contain a DVD of the AV actress Tomoda Ayaka.

    On their Japanese website, they touted the Perverted: Tomoda Ayaka to have 4 pleasurable experiences while using it:

    Pleasure 1: The emulation of a small and virgin like entrance ensures outstanding sensation during insertion.

    Pleasure 2: The perfect balance of nubs, bumps, and ridges on inner wall provides unrelenting stimulation.

    Pleasure 3: The small and narrow interior channel induces tightness and friction, gripping onto your member from start to finish.

    Pleasure 4: The enclosed hole creates a vaccum with increasing suction as you dive deeper and deeper into the channel.

    Needless to say, ToyDemon has this baby on its way over here, we are looking to have this product sometime in mid August. Stay tuned!!

    Update 8-30 Perverted Tomoda Ayaka is now available on ToyDemon!

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