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    Video Review: Meiki® Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator

    Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator *AKA* (Choo Shuu U) Review By Triple X Branded

    Zhang Xiao Yu is a pretty damn hard name to pronounce. What isn’t hard is telling you that the Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu  AKA (Choo Shuu U) or simply Meiki ZXY, is by far the best male masturbator I have ever tried to date! It may seem hard to believe, but I have done dozens of reviews on various male masturbators and the ZXY just takes the cake for many reasons. (You can check out my other video reviews here.)

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.75/5

    The Meiki ZXY is the fifth generation Meiki and the tweaks and improvements shine through. Unlike my previous review on the Maria Ozawa, the ZXY boosts a new double lip structure. basically this is simply an added lip tucked behind the replicated labia minora. This adds a new sensation when you first penetrate and also helps keep the lube where it belongs, inside the toy! If you ever used a male masturbator before you know how annoying a soaked crotch can be, so this is a huge plus.

    As you enter you will feel the curvature of the tunnel start to gently push you down as the enlarged portio/g-spot rubs against you from above. It’s this natural push that helps the experience. It almost seems to detach you from whats going on and provides a whole new sensation.

    This is also amplified by the dual layer design of this Meiki. The outer layer is the same old Meiki material you are use to feeling and the inside has a new sticker material. This material makes every inch of this Meiki come to life and actually allows you to feel the inner texture. Some male masturbators can not compete with this. If you are used to them you know what I mean. After awhile it just starts feeling like the same ol’ same ol’. Not here. You will actually feel every inch of this thing. Plus being an onahole design (There’s no opening at the end of the tunnel) you will have the ability to have that bottoming out feeling, which is a huge plus.

    Also the ZXY is larger than most Meiki out there. The actual dimensions are  6 inches in depth, 4 inches in height and 3.75 inches in width. So once it’s in your hands it feels quite large. Plus the weight is nice as well. It’s not to heavy, but it’s just enough to bring the feeling home that you’re not just using your hand to pull this off.

    The design of the ZXY is also different from other Meikis I have seen. It looks more realistic with it’s flat belly with a cute belly button and all. Flip it over and there’s even a nice round ass that’s perfect for slapping. I’m not really into that stuff but I have to tell you, it was a lot of fun…as you can see from the video review. However, once you do flip it over this provides what I think to be the best experience you will get from this toy. The sensation is completely different, and with the sculpted ass pushing against you it gives the user the illusion of doing the “doggie-style” position. Utterly mind shattering sensations. Something I look and long for in other male masturbators.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 3/5

    The trouble with onahole male mastubators is the cleaning. If you have owned a Fleshlight or a TENGA Flip Hole, you may find the cleaning process a little…well…messy at first. Unlike a Fleshlight where you run warm water through it to flush out any bodily fluids, an onahole needs a little extra care. You will have to stand there over your sink and hold this thing open in order to allow the water to force out anything and everything that’s either stuck or trapped inside. It’s a little added measure to ensure it’s clean, but if you look at it it’s actually not much different from what you may be use to already when cleaning out your male masturbator. Once you have cleaned it all out just allow to air dry on a towel and it’s good to go. Just remember that you shouldn’t try to flip this Meiki inside out. Due to the dual layer design, it may mess you Meiki up a bit. So it’s best to just leave it alone.

    Price & Performance: 4.25/5

    When shopping around for a male masturbator you may be tempted to go for the cheaper options out there. Before you do this, keep this in mind…”You get what you pay for!” This hard cold fact is just that, a hard cold fact. So stay informed and know what you buying before you commit to your purchase.  Now, that you have that nugget tucked away in your brain let me tell you that you will have to spend a little more money in order to get a high performance great quality male masturbator that won’t fall to pieces after a couple of uses. The Meiki ZXY is $84.99. The price tag may cause some to have sticker shock, but you will get ever penny of pleasure out of this thing. In retrospect it’s not much more than a Fleshlight or a TENGA and the feeling in my opinion is unmatched by both. So by all means go and look around before you make a decision, but know this, I don’t bull $#it. I have done a ton of male masturbator reviews and this Meiki is the best damn male masturbator I have ever got my hands on. Best part of this, there’s plenty of other Meikis for me to try, but all else will be measured by the ZXY.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5

    I could say it a million different ways, but you would probably get sick of it. So let me just say it again. BUY THIS! It is by far the best Meiki, let alone male masturbator I have ever tried. If you haven’t tried a Meiki before you need to do yourself a favor and make this your first. I’m sure you’ll be hooked by the realistic feeling and the utter stimulation overload you will receive by this. I can only hope another comes along and wows me as much as the ZXY has done. Fingers crossed.

    Video Review: Meiki® Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator Triple X Branded

    Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: BUY THIS! It is by far the best Meiki, let alone male masturbator I have ever tried. If you haven't tried a Meiki before you need to do yourself a favor and make this your first. I'm sure you'll be hooked by the realistic feeling and the utter stimulation overload you will receive by this.


    BUY IT!

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    2 Responses to Video Review: Meiki® Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator

    1. Johnny Neck says:

      You’re right about this meiki. It’s unbelievable. I own four fleshlights and a Tenga Flip Hole, White. None are even close to this. When I bought this I also bought a ToysHeart SevenTeen 17 Bordeaux. The 17 is fantastic and if I had bought it alone I would say it’s my favorite but I bought the Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu at the same time, so it’s ruined me. The heft of it helps a lot.

      I bet this dual texture will ruin fleshlights business. The fleshlight seems to be either too slick at times or too sticky and dry. The dual texture somehow balances out just right. Even when it’s slick it provides friction/traction/feeling without grabbing too hard or being rough. If you’ve got the money I’d buy it immediately, you won’t be sorry. For less money the 17 I noted is super too but it’s not as large which helps the feeling.

      A little criticism. Note I’m being picky. It would be nice if it had some kind of shell like the tenga but maybe that would ruin the feeling. I’ve heard the Meiki Plush Doll is super with this and I’ll bet it is. If you wrap a towel around it it helps the feeling some.

      Thanks for your reviews. They’re helpful.

    2. ralphwood says:

      I like that zxy meiki. Where in the Philippines I can buy that?

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