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    Video Review: G-Mode LX-1 & 2 Masturbator

    G-Mode Hole LX-1 & LX-2 Review By deBoru

    Today I’m going to be reviewing 2 toys; The G-Mode LX-1 and LX-2. Both of these toys were a blast to use and are absolutely my favorite toys at this price point.

    The G-Mode series is from the creators of the Clone Meiki toys. They use a new material that is just about the closest thing to human flesh (at least in terms of elasticity and tensile strength) that I’ve seen used in a toy.

    Sensation & Feeling: 5/5

    I must say that my wife has been quite jealous of these 2 toys this week. I think I have shown them more love in a month than I have any other object in my life. Don’t let the fact that these toys are small and narrow fool you, these things pack a punch that will curl your toes.

    From here on out I’ll describe the differences between the 2 toys:

    LX-1: This toy was designed for suction and that is exactly what it delivers. It feels like having 10 supple mouths each servicing a section of your shaft… I get chills just thinking of how amazing it is.

    LX-2: The inside of this toy is literally a whirlwind of bumps, knobs and curves. You have to stroke a little faster with this one to get the full effect but I can’t count that against it because using your hand is way more rigorous.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.5/5

    Washing these toys is a synch. They turn inside-out easily and then you can just rinse it off with warm water and maybe some disinfectant.

    On another note, because the elasticity of these toys are so strong, be sure to pull them inside-out towards the sink or you may have a mess on your hands (and chest… and stomach… and face…)

    Maintaining the toy is pretty simple, it dries fast and doesn’t warp in moderately hot water.

    The only gripe I have is a very minor one: there is a light chemical smell when you first open the toy. This does however subside after a cleaning or 2.   

    Price & Performance: 5/5

    At a price point of less than $20 each, these things are a steal! It’s like they are practically giving away one of the best toys on the market! If either of these wear out in the near future I won’t even need to worry about replacing it… it won’t even take me a second thought to buy another.

    They honestly need to make more of these toys, I would love to see a $60 toy in this material. If they made a hip from it I’d be the first guy in line to make the purchase.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.75/5

    I guess the only thing left to say is that I think every man should own one of these (if not both…). I can’t see even one reason not to have one of these marvelous toys.

    I certainly hope that this is just the first test run for this material because I am very anxious to see just how far toy designers can go with this. I think these toys are exactly the push this industry needs.

    Video Review: G-Mode LX-1 & 2 Masturbator deBoru
    Sensation and Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: At $20, every man should own one of these (if not both). I can’t see even one reason not to have one of these marvelous toys.


    BUY IT!!

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