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    Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Zeke


    Review: How To Play Masturbator Sleeve

    Hello again everyone! It’s Zeke again with another review of a new masturbator that has recently arrived at ToyDemon.  It’s ToysHeart’s “How To Play” Masturbator! It has a rather… irrelevant name. Honestly, it REALLY needs a better name… but that would makes too much sense, wouldn’t it?  Anyway, starting with the box, it does not really look like anything special. It is, I wanna call it, a basic looking box if you will, but I will make it shine on camera nonetheless! It comes with an index finger sized packet of lube which I managed to lose while doing the review. This toy is made up of my favorite material, “Baby skin”. I hate the name… Personally, I feel like the name was not a good idea at all. I guess I just don’t like the ring it has to it… Baby Skin… say it a few times and see if you see were I’m coming from. Though I may hate the name, the material itself feels great! Great material and unique ability to stick lube to it! It is not tight, but it has a snug fit witch is good and on the length, if you’re in the average size area (around 6 inches) you should be fine. If you’re larger in length (over 6 inches), it will be a bit short on you. If you’re larger in girth, it will be a little tight. Now, about how she performs…

     back1The Back box art

    Sensation & Feeling: 3/5

    This is one of those toys that gets your hopes up and makes you think it’s actually better than it is. Though the inside may look pretty nice, it feels just average. The inner structure feels like it could be a bit thicker to make the stimulation better and because of this, the folds on the inside did not really feel like much. I was expecting it to feel like I was pushing through some flesh-like folds but that’s not the case. I tried wrapping it in a towel and tightening my grip on it and still, performance was just so-so. I don’t think I used too much lube since I usually use the same amount to get started (about 1 drop). One thing I can say about this toy regarding lube is that, higher quality lubes feels really nice on this particular material for some reason.




    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.5/5

    I clean this one just like how I clean my other toys made of “Baby Skin”, I fill it with soapy water inside. This is an easy way to make the cleaning go by quicker and does a good job getting it clean! I have noticed that dirt and particles does not seem to stick to this material much. They all disappear when you run it under water, more so than any other material I have encountered. Thus far, durability seems to hold up well.


    macroA peek at the inside


    Price & Performance: 3.5/5

    For the performance, I’d say it fell a bit short at the $29.99 price point. The stimulation is lacking and nothing really stands out. For anyone who is experienced with masturbators, I would not recommend this one to you. The sensation would likely be too subtle for you to get any enjoyment out of it. This feels like a toy that would be best suited for those who are new to masturbators.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 3/5

    It’s an okay toy if you’re just starting out. However, if you’re a journeyman of masturbators, this toy is not for you. I personally own a wide verity of masturbators with a wide range of stimulation and this one is about low to medium stimulation. I had hoped it was going to be a bit more stimulating based on the pictures, but it’s not as I expected. So here you have it! That was ToysHeart’s “How To Play”. Hope this review shed some light on things. Thanks for reading!

    Review: How To Play Masturbator Sleeve Zeke

    How To Play

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: How To Play is an okay toy if you're just starting out. However, If you're a journeyman of masturbators, this will not suit you.



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