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    Video Review: Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Masturbator

    Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Review by Triple X Branded

    After doing a few hip style masturbator reviews, I have learned a few things about myself. One: I am lazy. Two: I have OCD like a mother!!!! Three: I do not like squishy things. So, with that being said the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip (or EPH for short) leaves me torn. Although the canals feel amazing, the clean up may leave you screaming and passing it up for something simpler the next go around. Either way you look at it, this toy can not be missed or passed by for these reasons alone. When compared to the Meiki Pure Hip there is no contest. The Pure Hip wins every time for me…at least. So, now I must piss off a lot of fans of this toy and explain why I feel this way.

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.5/5

    The EPH has dual canals. You get both the vaginal and anal experiences with this toy. Unlike other hip masturbators I have used and reviewed, the EPH has an unbelievably amazing anal canal. I found myself using it a hell of a lot more than the vaginal canal. The sensations are unreal and will leave you wanting more. This is a feeling I have not had with many other toys. You just want to hold on a few minutes more to fully enjoy it. That in itself is a huge selling point for me. If a toy can leave me wishing I had more stamina and staying power…well…I’m sold!!! Don’t get me wrong, both canals are expertly detailed beyond your normal onahole. They pushed the envelope to get as close to the real thing if not beyond it. That is the other plus to these style of toys. Sometimes they feel even better than the real thing. The only draw back for me was that it was just too squishy. It seemed unwieldy at times. Almost like it was trying to escape. Thus it did cause a bit of headache for me when I was trying to switch things up on the fly. It would either flop over my hand or roll off whatever surface I had it lying on. However, hear me out before you stone me to death. This can be used to your advantage. If you place your hand on the small of its back and start a rocking motion this toy will come to life. So once your inside you can achieve more of a life-like motion. Almost as if the EPH is now doing you. This I loved a lot. So even though it was a bit of a pain at times, I did eventually come around to enjoy it. A LOT!!!

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 1.5/5

    Oh man…now comes the part I dreaded to write. The cleanup on this thing is a royal pain in the a$$!!!! Because it is so squishy, trying to fit this under a normal sink basin to flush out the canals is a damn nightmare. So you must resort to either a much larger sink (Like the Kitchen) or throwing it into the shower or bathtub. I went ahead and just threw mine in the bathtub. Now…if you live with roommates or other people, this can pose a problem. You never know when one of them might walk in to take a piss and see a vagina with a partial hip attached floating in the bathtub. That would make for a great conversation while you and your mates watch SportsCenter Sunday morning. I have read that some users of this product have used turkey basters to clean out the toy and other such extremes. I would honestly take their advice. Use any tools that you can to get this toy as clean as possible. Above all else make sure you allow enough time for your toy to dry before storing it. Otherwise you will be left wondering why there is strange stains on the inside of the box your toy came in. (As you will see in the video review) also grabbing some anti-bacterial toy spray or foam might not be a bad idea as well. Just arm yourself with every tool you can and this toy will pay you back ten-fold. It will still suck cleaning this thing, however, and may leave some passing it up for an easier toy to clean when ever they feel the urge again. Also I found a few flaws when I first got the toy. There are noticeable creases on the toy. This is caused during shipping and completely normal due to the weight of this item. Also I may have shot myself in the foot when I first pulled the EPH out of the box. You see, I have a habit of sticking my fingers into toys when they first arrive to feel the inner textures. You may want to pass on that until you have some lube handy. You see I think I may have caused some tears and holes in the toy due to me fingering it dry. WOW!!! I seriously just said that! Anyways, I had to second guess myself, even during the video review, on if this was caused by me or was a defect in the molding. Either way, use common sense and caution while playing with the EPH to avoid damage. In a nut shell, don’t be a jack ass like me.

    Price & Performance: 4/5

    The price tag may be a bit much for most people. With that being said I wouldn’t say this toy is for “Most People”. You should have a few masturbators under your belt before fully tackling this thing. This toy is not for the lazy or the inexperienced. I do not mean any disrespect when I say this, it is more or less a warning. I would hate to see someone spend the cash on the EPH who has never owned a male masturbator before and hate it. This toy does have it’s flaws, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want people to hate it for all the wrong reasons. For those of you looking for a hip masturbator I would seriously be torn between the EPH and the Meiki Pure Hip. Personally, I would go with the Pure Hip only because I love that firmness. However the anal cavity to the EPH is so insanely amazing I wish I could just tear it out and stick it in the MPH! Or…if your lucky like me…you can have a bit of a threesome and stack these babies on top of each other…holy hell that’s a fantastic idea!!! okay…I am back and that is in fact one hell of an awesome idea!!! LOL!!!!! So in closing, if you like squishy go with the EPH. If you like ‘em firm, go with the MPH. Either one is well worth the money, all flaws aside.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5

    As I look at my EPH and MPH lying side by side, I can’t help but…well…smile really. These hip masturbators are a thing of beauty. They are utterly fantastic just to touch and grip to your hearts content. Looking past all the flaws I pointed out in this written and video review, I seriously must go back on almost everything I said bad about it. Yeah it may be rough around the edges, but it’s still a fantastic toy.  I would say save up my friends and get both. Yes the Pure Hip is still my favorite, but once they are together…wow! The fun really starts. Oh!!! FYI, if you like you can also pop on a pair of Shimapan and add even more excitement to your toy. Wink Wink. Anyways, I am getting off track again,

    If you have tried everything else and still feel unsatisfied give this a shot. It’s well worth the asking price, if not more.

    Video Review: Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Masturbator Triple X Branded

    Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning and Maintenance
    Price and Performance

    Summary: These hip masturbators are a thing of beauty. They are utterly fantastic just to touch and grip to your hearts content. Yeah it may be rough around the edges, but it's still a fantastic toy.


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