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    Video Review: Meikino Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki Masturbator

    Rola Misaki, Rola Miaski, Rola Misaki. This woman’s beauty makes me want to stand in front of a mirror in a dark bathroom and say her name aloud in a a feeble attempt that she will magically appear behind me. Hook for a hand or not, I wouldn’t give two doo-doo’s!!!! I freaking love Rola Misaki. Now only if I shared the same love of her glorious beauty as I did her onahole that is loosely based on her then we may have a new number one on my list. However, given a few loosely put together pieces to the puzzle this onahole lacks the power to knock the ZXY and Maria Ozawa off their pedestal.

    Sensation & Feeling: 4/5

    The Rola Misaki has a lot to offer once you peel back the skin. The inner tunnel is loaded with choke points and your typical overly pronounced g-spot, the whole lot. Even though it’s all packed in there I can’t help but think that all of it would have been easily amplified 10 times by making this a dual-layer onahole. Being a single layer makes it feel too soft or smooth to me. Though if you take it low and slow the texture does come out of hiding and becomes quite nice. Plus, if your lucky enough to own the Meiki Plush Doll, it will allow this toy to come alive. Still, I wish it was a direct scan of her womanly bits. That in itself would have made this good toy great.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.5/5

    Cleaning is rather typical with this single layer onahole. There are a few warnings flying about that the lips of the toy are rather narrow and will rip after the first use. I did notice this but to be honest, it didn’t effect the look or feel of the toy at all. I bring this up because you can easily spread the toy open to get to the bottom of the toy rather easily. In the video you can clearly see just how far they can be pried apart. You won’t damage the toy at all. So run through the paces per usual and clean it like you would any other toy. I would however highly suggest buying some Berman anti-bacterial toy cleaner. This will insure that anything floating around in the toy will be eliminated and you won’t end up with blotches of black mold all over your toy.

    Price & Performance: 4.0/5

    You won’t get sticker shock from this toy especially if you have already familiarized yourself with all the other onaholes out there based on Japanese AV actresses. At $89.95 the Rola fits right in with all the others. So basically it all comes down to performance. Like I said, it’s a good toy for its money but is eclipsed by the ZXY and the Maria Ozawa. If I have never tried those toys then maybe, just maybe the Rola would be number one in my book. Still, it can run with the big dogs any given Sunday and is still worth it for any toy enthusiast out there. Just look at her man! How can you say no to that face! That perfect Russian/Japanese face! My god what a combination!!!

    Final Thoughts & Score: 3.8/5

    While writing this I cannot help but feel like I might be being a little to rough on this toy. Or in some spots, too soft. It’s one of those teeter tottering toys for me where it goes either way. The good, the bad, and the Rola Misaki. There is just too many little things that push me into the black about this toy. So many things that could have easily been improved. A dual-layer construction could have made the inner texture more pronounced. A direct scan would have not only helped this baby sell like crazy, but would have brought much needed realism to the toy. All in all it’s a good toy, take away the Rola and you would still have a good toy regardless. I just don’t think this particular model lives up to the high standards its sisters have laid out. That in itself, is a great shame.

    Video Review: Meikino Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki Masturbator Triple X Branded

    Meikino Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning and Maintenance
    Price and Performance

    Summary: A good toy, but not good enough to push the ZXY or Maria Ozawa off the top shelf.



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