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    Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    I have a large collection of oral sex simulators in my closet. I very rarely ever reach for them when I feel the urge for self gratification. This alone upsets me. To see so many companies take a stab at what you would think would be fairly easy, only to produce a toy that is lackluster at best. However, I have had a recent public outcry from my viewers to review A-One’s newest version of their oral sex toy the Superb Fella 3. So against my better judgment I dove in completely skeptical only to be left overwhelmed. Finally I found the one that I am proud to slap a “Buy it!” seal of approval on!

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5

    The Superb Fella 3 is specially designed to emulate a realistic 69 oral position. At first I though, saying that is one thing, but actually producing it is another. I am here to tell you all, that it is so close to the real thing that it’s a bit scary. Yeah, there are subtle differences but in the heat of the moment you don’t care. Every little knock and curve is very well pronounced and can be felt easily which is a huge plus. I can’t tell you how many oral toys I have that left me shrugging my shoulders in disappointment.

    The added blessing that has been put on this toy is the utterly fantastic and simply insane saliva Lotion lube that comes included with the toy. From the outside it seems like any other Japanese water-based lube. It’s only when you use it with the toy that you realize it is so much more. The lotion actually bubbles up to emulate actual spit and it does it so well that I was literally god smacked! Just rubbing a bit on your hand will drop your jaw. The look and feel is so realistic. Coupled with the toy it adds a sense of realism that enhances the toy ten fold.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.5/5

    With the dual-layer construction it is impossible to flip this toy inside out in order to clean it a bit better. However, it is fairly simple to pry the mouth open with little effort to reach the bottom of the toy with a cloth or sponge. Rinsing it out was a snap and drying time was around 20 minutes. Afterwards though you will definitely want to coat it with some cornstarch. The toy does get insanely tacky after washing, so it is a must in my opinion. Otherwise you’re left with what feels like a wet gummy bear sucking in every piece of stray hair and dander in proximity.

    Price & Performance: 4.6/5

    At $44.95 this toy quickly becomes a no-brainer! You are going to get every damn penny back from this toy in utter pleasure. Maybe I am jaded due to all the crap oral toys I have had to wade through in order to get to this point, but either way my friend you would be crazy to pass this one up. The only thing that could make this better in my opinion is a newly revamped Meiki Plush Doll! One that is complete with a head and an oral orifice to place this toy inside! LIGHT BULB!!!!!!!! I swear that would be epic if ToyDemon made that happen. Okay, I’m getting off track here. Bottom line fellas, get this toy!!!

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5

    For the sake of not repeating myself, let me simply put it to you this way. I love women, but lets face it, when in the hell did oral sex become a form of a “gift” rather than part of the sex routine?! In my honest opinion $44.95 is a small price to pay to bypass all the begging and pleading that makes me feel like a damn teenager on prom night! Not to get personal here, but the fact that I can easily reach for my Superb Fella 3 rather than tip-toeing around for months making sure the dishwasher is loaded correctly, that I put my work clothes in THE DAMN WORK CLOTHES BASKET, and that my browser history has been cleared of all pornographic evidence, just to hopefully get a little hmmm hmmmm on my birthday, out trumps EVERYTHING!!!! Buy it and save yourself the needless headaches!

    Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator Triple X Branded

    Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: I am here to tell you all, that it is so close to the real thing that it’s a bit scary. Yeah, there are subtle differences but in the heat of the moment you don’t care. Every little knock and curve is very well pronounced and can be felt easily which is a huge plus.


    Buy It!

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