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    Published on February 28th, 2014 | by ToyDemon


    Consumer Warning: Groupon Sells TENGA Knockoff

    Found this on “Deals” site Groupon today shows the danger of internet marketing and their stated values of the item.

    We never imagine that a company such as Groupon would sell knockoffs, let alone at a ripoff “value” price.

    That was the first thing we notice. This cup is a $45 value for $14.99. The real TENGA Deep Throat Soft is only $11.95 on ToyDemon (what a deal in comparison!). As a Groupon user, this is extremely disappointing.

    Groupon Selling Fake TENGA

    Knockoffs are never a good idea since they look similar to the real thing but you never know what cheap quality or dangerous material was used. On top of that the knockoff is more expensive than the real thing. Support TENGA and ToyDemon, buy the real deal!

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