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    Video Review: Rends USB Onahole Warmer

    If you’re a new comer to the masturbation toy game, you may be looking for a simple “all in one” starter kit. Honestly, I think the guys of ToyDemon should do that for you. It would sell like freaking hot cakes. In my perfect world the starter kit would be like this…A Meiki ZXY, a bottle of Berman Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner, a Meiki Toy Bag, a bottle of ToyDemon x ToysHeart Vanessa & Co Shape Up Lotion, and a USB Onahole Warmer. That would be utterly fantastic.  You readers need to speak up and get this ball rolling! Maybe suggest they call it “The Triple X Special”? No?!?!? Well %^&# YOU!!! Anyways, until that day comes I have to tell you, you are going to want to add a USB Onahole Warmer to your cart before checking out. It’s an essential addition to your brand new toy.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5

    The only real thing here to discuss in the way of sensation and feeling is the warmth that the USB Onahole Warmer produces.  I have used the warmer and I am here to tell you, that the name says it all. It’s merely a warmer. It brings the toy to a nice temp and sure beats the hell out of running the toy under warm water before use. Simply plug the Onahole Warmer into your laptop and allow it to sit around for ten minutes. Make sure you check on it periodically. The last thing you want is to have time slip away and wind up with a melted toy. So be diligent. Also don’t go plugging this into your USB wall charger, the added amps will cause the warmer to exert a crap ton more heat and could easily destroy your toy or even your warmer. To sum it all up, be ever watchful and use a dash of common sense. All in all this is the best warming option out there. I just wish it would heat the toy to a slightly higher temp.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.6/5

    You cannot ask for a simpler piece of equipment to clean. If you pre-lubed your toy in order to insert it easier into your toy, simply rinse the toy off until clean.  Poof! You’re done! However, I have found a slightly easier method that is less messy. Take your Onahole Warmer and dash a bit of cornstarch over it, just like you would do in the cleaning process of your onahole. This actually creates a smooth surface that allows the warmer to slip in a little easier.  The only point killer to this device is the chance that the warmer may melt your toy. Again, simply use common sense and keep watch while the warmer is doing its business.

    Price & Performance: 4.4/5

    The USB Onahole Warmer is only $9.95. That is it! For what the toy does and for what the toy cost, this is easiest decision you could ever make while shopping on ToyDemon.  To me it’s the peanut butter to my bread. It is an added step to the whole process, but well worth it. Besides, it takes me a good ten minutes to search for the perfect video if you get my drift.  There is plenty of time for my Onahole Warmer to do its business. Do you guys know how many search results you get for typing in “Chicken balloon chair cat hello apple” in a porn sites search engine? The answer is none. My wife helped me write that. My wife is slow.

    Final Thoughts & Score:  4.2/5 Highly Recommended

    There is not a lot left to discuss when it comes to this USB Onahole Warmer.   To summarize, this is a must buy if you’re getting a masturbator for the first time. Just be mindful while the warmer is working. A little common sense goes a long way. That common sense should also tell you that the extra ten bucks during check out is well worth it.

    Video Review: Rends USB Onahole Warmer Triple X Branded

    Rends USB Onahole Warmer

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: A must buy if you’re getting a masturbator for the first time. Just be mindful while the warmer is working. Beats soaking your toy in warm water.


    Highly Recommended

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