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    Video Review: Magic Eye’s Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator

    Normally when I sit down at my laptop to write my review on my latest sex toy I am troubled at finding clever ways to not sound redundant. I feel like I say enough during the video that I don’t need to go on a thousand word rant spewing the same information at you. However, this time that is not the case at all. Thanks to the fantastic people at YouTube I have been slapped with a Copy Right infringement thingy. Or whatever the hell these ass clowns call it. So all of my videos now need to be below 15 minutes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to a toy such as the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo you really need to discuss the ins and outs at great length. Or at least enough to show just how fantastic this toy can be at times. I don’t see any YouTube Nazis around, so let’s get to it…

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5

    First and foremost the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is from the people over at Magic Eyes. Enough said! Been a while since I have literally fallen in love with a toy company’s complete line up and I have to tell you I have an unnatural obsession with Magic Eyes. They have a great way of using natural textures inside their toys cavities mixed in with a dose of crazy. The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is no exception. In fact its ground breaking in is design.

    Magic Eyes have implemented a tiny flap between the ‘U’ shaped vaginal and anal cavity. This allows for a pretty good amount of suction on the down stroke when penetrating the vaginal cavity. As you pull out the air flow closes the flap, making what used to be a thorough hole into a closed hole masturbator. This flap is a very clever and ingenious addition. If you ever fumbled with your masturbators trying to gain some suction you probably know just how much of a pain in the as it can be. So for Magic Eyes to implement a simple solution to this problem inside the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is fantastic.

    The suction can be spotty at times, so please keep that in mind, there are always “certain factors” that will affect your experience. By this of course I mean your size and girth. Your penis will ultimately decide how much air is allowed to escape around the seams and break your potential suction. If you want to increase your chances at the best amount of suction, stick a finger in her butt on the down stroke. This will help elevate airflow and give you greater amount of suction.

    The inner texture of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is reminiscent to most of Magic Eyes products. A fantastic combination of realism and unworldly textures make for a pleasurable experience. There are times were it feels familiar and then you are meet with something new that takes you by surprise. It’s almost a different experience every time you use it. It’s a very soft and often times tight sensation. I did feel like the toy suffered from a thin double layer that didn’t allow its best assets to shine through. Something that appears in a few of Magic Eyes dual layer toys. They are pumping out more and more “Hard Additions” of their masturbators, so they obviously have heard the public’s demands for a harder inner texture. I just wish they put that version out first for this one. Especially for the anal entrance. There were a few times were it felt weak to me and I feared I would rip the entrance. It has not happened yet, but there is enough anxiety here to keep me from venturing down there.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.0/5

    Cleaning will be a bit of a hassle. The tunnel does get tight towards the back and the flap can sometimes interrupt the flow of water if you’re attempting to flush it out. My suggestion to you is buy a small rod and a microfiber cloth. Slip the microfiber cloth over the rod and use this to get to the tight places inside the toy. Also by all means get a bottle of toy cleaner and follow the instructions to a T. I hope to God I stressed this point to death by now hat you guys understand that you should add a bottle of Berman Anti-Bacterial toy cleaner to their cart before checking out. Don’t be cheap, get it and insure your toy for many uses to come.

    Price & Performance: 4.0/5 Highly Recommended

    The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is comparable to price and function to the Meiki Cherry 2. Now the Meiki Cherry 2 is one of my favorite hip masturbators, so to pit it against the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is a bit of a battle. Each poses their own special atribues that I love. Honestly as I sit here now I cannot tell you which I would prefer over the other. As the Meiki Cherry 2 is harder both inside and out and requires to hands to hold, the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is the complete opposite. It is soft and can be held with one hand. It all comes down to personal preferences then, and honestly I would get both because they are both equally amazing and worth their price tags.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.0/5

    I am writing this review weeks away from Black Friday so I can already feel you guys leaning forward in your chairs and staring wildly at the ToyDemon home page. Eagerly awaiting the virtual doors to be burst open on their best deals of the year, I also sense a few of you suddenly realizing that supplies may be limited and that you may miss out on snagging a Sujiman Kupa Cocolo on the cheap. So for you eager beavers I suggest putting the kettle on come Thanksgiving nite and hit that refresh button every damn second! You need to experience this toy. Lolicon fan or not, this masturbator is pretty fantastic.

    Video Review: Magic Eye’s Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator Triple X Branded

    Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: If it had a harder inner texture, It would have been highly recommended. Still a great masturbator though.



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