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    Video Review: Hera Hip Mini

    The Hera Hip Mini is the little sister to the infamous Meiki Half Hera Hip. Like most little sisters, the Hera Hip Mini struggles to crawl out of her big sister’s shadow and shine a light of her own. However, just like in most sibling rivalries this one too ends with tears. Simply because there is always something or someone better out there and in the world of hip masturbators…there are dozens. This of course doesn’t mean Hera Hip Mini can’t rock the party all by her lonesome.

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5

    The Hera Hip Mini wins in the looks category. Kokos has taken the original Half Hera Hip and slimmed it down in weight and size and even this hip a more youthful look. The arched back and raised butt design is as sexually appealing as a toy of this nature can get in my opinion and it truly does sell this toy. The inner texture goes for the more realistic approach. Both the vaginal and anal cavity look and feels more organic than other hip masturbators I have seen this year. The anal cavity is tight and a pleasure to use, however, slight tearing did occur after my first use. The vaginal cavity is also an extreme pleasure to use but the tunnel is rather shallow and because of its flat bottom design you are limited in positions. I hated that I wasn’t able to flip and flop this thing around and still keep the illusion alive. The inner textures on both passages are amazing. This is just again one of those toys that I begged to see in 3d form. So like clockwork I look back on all the hips that have come before her and I reached for my Meiki Cherry 2.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.4/5

    The fact that the Hera Hip Mini is almost seven pounds lighter than her big sister helps with the cleaning of this toy tenfold. Unlike the Half Hera Hip, you are not struggling to get this baby into your sink to flush the fluid out. With the Hera Hip Mini you simply put the faucet over any of the two through holes and begin to flush out the material. She may slip and slide a bit, but it is nowhere near the struggle you will have with larger hip masturbators. You can also very easily fit a sponge bottle brush down the cavities to pick up or wick away anything left behind to ensure your toy is being stored away dry. Now, I have to beat this dead horse because I still get asked this question almost daily. YES YOU NEED TOY CLEANER! No, you can’t just throw soap down there and expect it all to be good. You want to protect your investment. To not buy an eight dollar bottle of cleaner is like putting a sandwich bag over your new smart phone as opposed to an Otter case. You get me now?!?! So please pick up a bottle of Berman Anti-Bacterial Cleaner.

    Price & Performance: 3.7/5

    So now comes the time to clear the yard and see who is left standing. Who’s it gonna be? Helen Sharp or Madeline Ashton? Hinson or Kit Keller?!?! Annie Walker or that bitch Helen Harris III?!?!?!?! It’s the Meiki Cherry 2 guys….the uhmmm…Meiki Cherry 2. Yes, once again the Meiki Chery 2 trumps it. Not only in price but in performance. Even though the Hera Hip Mini is a whopping $130 cheaper than her big sister, there is still that golden hip out there over shining anyone else in that price range. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I love the inner texture and sculpt of this hip, but I am mainly scoring this for you guys. I want you to be happy with your first hip purchase. So if you haven’t owned a hip masturbator yet, get the Meiki Cherry 2. If you’re satisfied with that take a closer look at the Hera Hip Mini. She might be a good buy for the well versed toy user out there.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 4.2/5 Highly Recommended

    The Hera Hip Mini is not without its faults. Of course the same can be said about any hip masturbator really. So when it comes down to scoring this toy I am left with a bit of a dilemma. I must score this toy against others in its price range and its functionality. For those reason I gave it a 4.2 for as final score. Kokos is amazing when it comes to sculpting hips. The Hera Hip Mini is a thing of beauty and perfectly priced for what you get. The inner textures are great and a delight to see in a toy of this size when so many others go for the easier route when making their hips. With all that said I have to say that this toy is made for those who have a few hips in their closets all ready. The guys who have been around the block and know what other hips have to offer. They can appreciate this toy for what it is as opposed to a new comer who may be greatly disappointed with this toy. Because honestly, this toy is a thing of beauty over anything else.

    Video Review: Hera Hip Mini Triple X Branded

    Hera Hip Mini

    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Price & Performance

    Summary: The Hera Hip Mini is a thing of beauty and perfectly priced for what you get. The inner textures are great and a delight to see in a toy of this size. However, if you don't have the Meiki Cherry 2, you should check that out first.


    Highly Recommended

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