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    Video Review: Magic Face

    In  a world chock full of realistic hip masturbators, I suppose it will only be a matter of time before we see more and more sculpted heads flood the market as well. Until that day comes we are pretty much left idling our engines with the only offerings a man can find left sitting in his toy box. Abused and forgotten simply because it wasn’t up to snuff.  Magic Face from PXPXP isn’t really paving the way to new grounds when it comes to sculpted masturbators, but it also doesn’t have a lot of competition to contend with. So with that said, this toy gets scrutinized more on what I feel could have been improved rather then it gets used, and that my friends makes it a failure. Let me explain…

    Sensation & Feeling:  2.5/5

    The look of this toy is primarily where it is at. The head itself is sculpted after the fictional character Nadeshiko Omigawa from the dating sim game KissX800 (That is included with the toy) the sculpt is rather well done but not without its flaws. Right away I noticed that the oral opening is square shaped as opposed to a circle as anyone on the planet might expect. Also the head appears to have a base as if the artist wanted the user to be able to display the head out in the open like you would do with any other bust you own. Well…you cant. The weight is not evenly distributed for obvious reasons and therefore the head will try to roll away if you attempt to sit it anywhere.  She is also rather small and once I placed her in my enormous gorilla hand she seemed even smaller. She is only six inches in length and width and 5 inches in height. So whatever dark negative thoughts you are thinking while attempting to use the toy will once again be screamed at you via the comment section of your YouTube channel by some troll who really wants you to believe you’re a pedophile who needs immediate help and or incarceration. Anyways… The tunnel is an “L” shaped design that follows the throat. Much like a real human being. Which is nice until to realize that you will be forced to maneuver the toy around to get your cock to go anywhere. At times it felt like I was attempting to crack a safe open with my penis. Now I am not an extra-large guy, I am pretty normal by all standards, so I was a tad frustrated with the whole process. However, with a tunnel length of only 4.25 inches what could you expect? The overall design of the tunnel is a lined with your typical nubs and ridges that are not pronounced enough to be felt fully. Also the overall design is a bit baffling when you see the cut away view of its inner workings. It seems to take drastic drops and then opens up wide for no real apparent reason in the middle then suddenly narrows dramatically at the end.  I can’t help but feel that the toy would have been more successful if the sculptors imagined a girl on her knees, face leaning forward to devour whatever cock got in her way. This way they could have went for a more straight forward tunnel approach.  I will need to find a picture to help illustrate my idea. If there is one below this paragraph it means I was successful in my endeavor. If not. Well…it just means I am lazy and my wife is right.


    Cleaning & Maintenance:  3.0/5

    As I said in the ‘Sensation & Feeling’ section of this review, the tunnel is “L” shaped therefore making cleaning a tedious task. Also this is a closed hole structure so you cannot simply flush out any materials. You will have to dig your way through the bumpy and winding road to get at any remaining residue before storing away. I tried using my handy dandy foam bottle brush on her and it didn’t seem to do a whole lot of good.  Patience is key with this toy.  Although I must say that while cleaning the toy I couldn’t help but become frustrated even further by the head scratching square oral opening.

    Price & Performance: 2.0/5

    Here is where this toy really takes a nose dive straight into the concrete. The price tag on this little beauty is $76.95. That to me is way too much to pay for what is essentially an oral sex simulator. Sure she is a sculpted head and that adds to the illusion, but that illusion falls flat once you actually attempt to perform the deed. She is simply too small and the tunnel is too cumbersome to maneuver to squeeze any form of enjoyment out of it. Now I can already feel the piercing eyes of the “User” reviewers trying to blow my head off with their physic powers, because it appears that there are people who really like this toy. To them I must ask…Have you tried the La Bocca Della Verita??? Because if they had they would already know how much the Magic face is inferior to this marvel of male masturbators. The La Bocca is only $44.95 and is an exceptional oral sex stimulator. So I ask you, why pay $32.00 more for something that honestly simply doesn’t cut it? Plus ToyDemon does sales on the La Bocca ALL THE TIME!!! So you can probably get it for even cheaper than that. What I think PXPXP should do is take note of the Juggernaut that the La Bocca has become and steals its design.  Implement it into a much larger sculpted head, one that can actually be set on a table without tumbling over, and start hiring 3rd shifter at the factory, because these babies will sell like freaking crazy. But…what the hell do I know. It’s not like my ideas haven’t been used to make million dollar products before.

    Final Thoughts and Score: 2.5/5 Not Recommended

    What can I tell you that I haven’t already said? It’s a shame really that this head didn’t live up to my expectations at least. I am glad a few users have enjoyed the hell out of it. I simply can’t see or feel the reasons why. I do see a large possibility for improvements in the future and I truly hope PXPXP does come up with new evolutions of this idea.  Until that day comes I must recommend that you try the La Bocca Della Verita. Then don’t buy another oral sex stimulator. EVER!!! Save your money and get the Meiki Real or the Meiki Cherry Evolution.  I do however hope something does come along that knocks La Bocca off her shelf, because if hat day comes I can guarantee you that toy will be a work of perfection. So hit the drawing boards PXPXP. I have faith you will do great things with this information.

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