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    Video Review: Pipedream’s Pump Worx Accu-Meter Power Pump

    I have never really had a problem with the size of my penis. In fact, at one time I was very proud of my penis and would mildly gloat about its length and girth. Over time however my once proud rock star became more of a washed out hack who could barely stand upright for the entire set. See that! That’s what we call in the writing biz “a creative analogy” and I just nailed the hell out of it!

    Anyways, in my older age my penis is not as rock hard as it used to be. I am out of shape and my blood flow has significantly changed. So I have been on the prowl for a while now looking for a solution. Of course one of the first things that come to mind is the infamous Blue Pill. But if you are like me and happen to fall in the 30% of American’s who don’t make enough to get health coverage and yet still make too much to get government assisted health care, this is not an option. So the next reasonable solution is a penis pump. So I hastily sent my email to the ToyDemon crew requesting the Pipedream’s Pump Worx Accu-Meter Power Pump for review and a few days later it showed up at my desk.  Like I said in the video review, it’s hard to review this in our traditional fashion. However, we are going to anyways just to maintain order. So without further delay…here we go.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.0/5

    Right away you should be able to tell what I meant by my statement above by reading the title of this category. You obviously (Or hopefully it is obvious to you) don’t use this to masturbate. This is simply a device that is used to pull blood into the penis via suction in order to increase its overall size. Which is does incredibly, if not shockingly well.  So basing this rating category off of the ‘Emotional’ feeling I received from witnessing my penis practically filling the acrylic tube after only a few pumps would land it in the bazillion range. I was simply elated at the sight of it all. After a while though the tube started pushing into my crotch as the suction increased and the tube looked for a place to go, and the only way for it to go according to science is straight down.  So it started to push hard against the base of my testicles. Which needless to say became increasingly uncomfortable. So all in all I wish the base of this particular pump was a bit softer and easier to get in and out of. Other than that it is simply your typical run of the mill penis pump.

    Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.8/5

    This is the easiest thing in the world to clean. All you really have to do is remove the TPR base and rinse off any lube that you may have used to help in insertion and wipe out the inside of the tube. It’s that simple. The only reason I did not give this category a 5 rating is because the TPR material is very sticky and will attract lint, dust, hair and the rest to its surface. Making it unsightly and a tad frustrating to clean. I truly wish the base was made from soft silicone. Granted it would still attract lint and the whole lot, I think it would be far less compared to the TPR. Not to mention the overall comfort would be increased tenfold.

    Price & Performance: 2.5/5

    This is where personal preference comes into play. Something as you the reader must fully understand. I am rating this off of my own experience. Others opinion may and will vary greatly. As for me, I don’t see this being a practical by and honestly I don’t see myself buying another pump in the future. It simply did not work for me. Although the results inside the tube were alarming and amazing as soon as I released myself I went back to my old normal self. So it really didn’t work for me at all. Like I said though, I am a freaking mess right now, so for someone else this may work wonders. If so, please let me know your success story. Hell, I think the whole community here would love to hear it, so please feel free to share. As for me though, it simply and plainly, and deeply unfortunately didn’t work.

    Final Thoughts & Score: 3.5/5 Recommended

    I am currently on the fast track to…well…getting back on track. Physically I mean. So I feel this may not be the last time I review a pump or any other male enhancement device. Maybe once I am in better physical condition and my blood is pumping through my lengthy ass frame a little smoother then it is now, we will have a better result. So who knows, maybe a follow up review is in order as well. The product is designed well and it obviously worked like it was suppose to, so the only thing to blame here is myself. I would say give it a try and let the ToyDemon community know your results and I as a reviewer will buckle down and do a lengthy test study for all of you to see if there are any significant advantages from using this toy to enhance your penis. That sounds like a plan to me. Nothing left to do now but to set that ball in motion. Sound good to you? Okay. We will check back in in six months time and see what we find.  See you then.

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