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    Published on January 13th, 2017 | by Triple X Branded


    Video Review: Gokusai Monster Alraune

    Whenever I look for something new and utterly unique to do a review on, the first place I look is magic Eye’s website. They are my absolute go to for masturbators that push the envelope of fantasy and reality. So it is no surprise to me that their newest toy in their “Monster” line up does just that. The Gokusai Monster Alraune is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality. They merge these lines to create a handheld masturbator that can fuel any Anime lover’s dreams. Especially if you like tentacle porn. More on this later. What you get with the Gokusai Monster Alraune is a toy that is amazing to hold and look at. Unfortunately, that’s where the boundaries of this toy lie. Like so many others before it, Magic Eyes have put out a Bentley that turns out to be just another POS Chrysler 300.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5

    At first glance of the packaging you get a fair idea what this toy is all about. A young woman foolishly wanders into the swampish home of a slime monster. The monster then rips of her clothes and begins to envelope her body with his. If you watched a few R rated animes you know how the rest of this normally goes. If not, google it. These just so happen to be a favorite of mine and I immediately was attracted to this toy for those reasons. The toy does resemble a young woman covered in slime. This is very appealing to the eye. This sensation is doubled once you hold and use it.

    The outer third layer is tacky to the touch, much like those quarter wall clinger toys you can get from a gumball machine. I loved this added touch.  Also this outer layer serves as a hand grip, although I really didn’t see it that way. If anything, it helps with the tightness of the toy by providing a barrier that holds the toy in place so you don’t stretch it out beyond its walls.

    Under this layer is the typical skin like material that is smooth and soft. The divide between the two is the best part of the toy. They really sold the slime covered body aspect. It’s almost like you could peel it off if you wished. Under this is yet another layer that lines the tunnel. This is a slightly harder and tacky material that helps aid in the sensation of the toy. Here in lies the rub.

    Magic eyes has a tendency of going bananas on their inner structure by adding numerous themes (especially in the “Monster” series) so what your left with is a blender style tunnel of organic meets monster like designs. Raised ridges that mimic monster parts blend into mysterious nubs and nodules that make little to no sense. If they provided a sensation that I could point out while using the toy I would let this pass but here there is nothing but tightness and a few bumps that the tip of my penis could sense while penetrating the toy. I tried twisting this toy in every possible direction to no added avail. Even though it was a pleasure to look at nothing else seemed to help sell this toy.


    Once again we have a glass half full. Even though the internal tunnel lacks any real dramatic drops or twist, it sure does help when it comes time to clean it. Also there is a wide mouth camel toe design on the initial entrance. So plunging a foam bottle brush inside is a breeze.  There are no real deep crevices for moisture to hide so overall cleaning is a short chore and drying the toy is rather easy as well. Although adding corn starch to the procedure did deaden the tackiness of the outer third layer, I do highly recommend it. Without it, the layer becomes insanely tacky. So a light dusting does the trick rather well. Other than that it’s not a chore at all really.


    This is where that broken record comes in. That old hat that makes you the reader grind his teeth. Trust me I hate saying the same thing every time too, but when it’s true it’s true. No way around it. There are just too many great toys from Magic Eyes in the same price range as the Gokusai Monster Alraune. The La Bocca Della Verita.  Sujiman Kupa Roa. The Monster G. Even though this pushes the envelope for their “monster” series and seriously draws the creative juices of what they can do in the future, I just can’t justify this purchase unless you own all the others before mentioned. Magic eyes need to focus more on the inner structure because all this becomes is a book with a flashy cover and no real substance between the spine.


    Even the greats sometimes put out lack luster work. Look at Stephen King in the past 15 years for example. Magic Eyes hurt themselves unknowingly by being so damn good at it one day and not so much the next. I love what they have done here I just wish more thought went into the tunnel design.  Other than that it is a very sexually appealing toy.



    Video Review: Gokusai Monster Alraune Triple X Branded
    Sensation & Feeling - 70%
    Cleaning & Maintenance - 98%
    Price & Performance - 60%

    Summary: Too many other great Magic Eyes toys to choose from. This one is a hard pass.



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