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    Published on December 26th, 2017 | by Triple X Branded


    Video Review: Nama Sotai 01

    We are fast approaching the end of 2017 and here I sit looking back at all the toys that have come across my desk over the year. Some utterly terrible beyond human comprehension and some just plain ‘meh’. Needless to say my loyal reader, this year has been pretty pathetic when it comes to new releases. With that being said imagine my surprise when the Nama Sotai series showed up at my house. On the outside you get an almost Walgreens pharmacy box. Very deceiving for what lies beneath the surface. For what lies inside is probably the best vaginal masturbator I have tried this year. Period.


    Now there are a few things I should have mentioned in the video review that I simply left out. With the ever growing demand from YouTube trolls for shorter videos I simply rush at times and don’t get the opportunity to gush my feelings about a certain toy. This is one of those instances. The Nama Sotai 01 brought me back to the days of old and reminded me of my first experiences with the Maria Ozawa and the ZXY. A fresh punch of sensation that I haven’t experienced in a long time. The chamber is divided into four segments and each one stands at attention and allows the user to feel every crease and node that has gone into the toy. Now sure, there isn’t any dramatic drops to apply pressure to the penis to give you that realistic vaginal feeling but there is still so much going on inside that you won’t even be bothered to care. It’s almost reminiscent to the ZINI handheld masturbators of years passed. The dual core that runs all the way to the outer lips provides a strong but not irritating sensation. Do to the core the penis will not expand the tunnel to the point that the textures lay flat and disappear. Instead they stand at the ready to pleasure every inch while you penetrate. I would say that the sensations are a step down from a Tenga Flip Hole.  The orgasm they provide is powerful as well but by all means you do not want to pound this toy. You are going to want to take your time and enjoy the ride. This is deffinetly for a slower more meaningful fap session.  Get to know the toy and all it has to offer. Hell if anything allow it to be a stamina challenge for yourself because if you can handle this for 15 minutes you’ll be a monster in the sack for sure. So by all means allow yourself to enjoy the ride.


    By now you should all know the routine to cleaning a masturbator. Anti-bacterial toy cleaner, bottle brush, corn starch, air dry. All those parts play an essential role in the cleaning process. Now with the Nama Sotai 01 you will struggle a bit to get her open wide enough to get to the base of the tunnel but it is doable. The only real thing I knocked it down for in points was the defects in the molding of the toy. There were numerous exploded air pockets at the surface around the lips that disguised themselves as tears and had me a bit worried that I might have played too rough with the toy. Also a few flecks did fall out after use which is pretty common with any masturbator but it still had me on the fence questioning its durability.  However I stretched this toy and practically turned it inside out and it’s still kicking strong. So I have a feeling this toy will be around for many more sessions.


    Now this was only $39.95 for a long time on ToyDemon, then the powers that be ended the introductory price and brought it back to the MSRP of $49.95. Of course I would have loved to seen it still at that price of $39.95 but I don’t have that kinda pull around here. Even so, I would pay that for this toy any day of the week. Plus ToyDemon has sales and promotions all of the time so getting this for cheap is as simple as waiting a month or so. The way this toy performs you could easily jump the price up to the sixty dollar range and watch it fly off the shelves. Especially with all the recent 5 star user reviews this toy is sure to become a best seller. So if you have been wanting to get your hands on this toy I say wait for a sale to pop up and then snag one before they run out of stock because I could easily predict this is going to be one of those toys that ToyDemon will have trouble keeping around.


    The one side to this that I haven’t explained yet is the fact that this is a series. This means there is more than just the one to lust after. Oh yes my friends there is a 02 and I have it. Plus there is a promise of possibly a 03 or a 04 or hell even a 10!!! Who knows what the future holds. My point is A-One is on to something here and if they stick with it they could surprise us all in 2018. Until that day comes get the Nama Sotai 01 and the 02. Just get em both. I don’t wanna ruin my next written review but yeah, get them all. They are simply that good.

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 01 Triple X Branded
    Sensation & Feeling
    Cleaning & Maintence
    Price & Performance

    Summary: One of the best vaginal masturbators of 2017


    Buy it now!!!

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