• Casquetero

      has a peculiar hobby: sex toys. So, he decided to share his hobby in 2010 writing a blog. Since then, he has reviewed more than a hundred toys - from masturbators to prostate toys, from cock rings to love dolls - and the number will keep growing! He has reviewed toys from different vendors and ToyDemon has been one of his favorites places to buy since the start. When we asked for bloggers / reviewers, he responded right away! His reviews are honest, simple, and straight to the point, so hopefully you guys will like them. Stay horny, my friends!

    • Cock2go

      can be found on the beach being adored by muscle men in Speedo's that just want to be naked when he is not reviewing sex toys. Champagne is the drink of choice while pool boys fan him. Don’t you just love those kinds of dreams? Then you wake up. He is just a guy who loves porn and sex toys. He tells it like it is. He likes people with opinions who stand up for what they believe in, even if it is not the norm. So pour yourself a drink, stay a while, and discover why Cock2go is like no other. Stalk him on twitter @Cock2go

    • deBoru

      is an artist and avid fan of all things adult. Dex is picky, overly observant, and annoyingly deductive... but above all else, he's perceptive and amazingly dedicated to his readers. This is one blogger you should never hesitate to inquire upon, he'll do his very best to answer any question, no matter how ridiculous it might be!

    • HardGay

      is an avid ToyDemon forum member since the beginning. He loves to help out other members with suggestions and tips with toys from Asia that he owns. He will do his best to bring you guys his honest reviews from time to time and hopefully you guys will like it and find them helpful. Cheers~

    • Jackson Hole

      does video reviews for a living and is very happy to make informational videos for ToyDemon. Speaks and reads Japanese (although not fluently) and is a fan of many things from Japan.

    • MeGustaMisEPH

      is a big kid at heart if you take into consideration his profound love of ones. Like all of you he gets that big grin and that twinkle in his eyes when a new one arrives. He has experienced a wide range from your standard cheap pocket pussies to the Fleshlight to the amazing Extreme Pleasure Hip. He will do the dirty work and help you on your quest for the best toys by giving his honest thoughts on the good and the bads. Happy toy hunting!! Gotta catch'em all!

    • ToyDemon

      is the devil behind all this. The ToyDemon Blog will bring you the weird and funny sex toy related stuff from rest of the world along with previews and in depth reviews of products from Leave us a comment if you have any questions!

    • Triple X Branded

      has been doing sex toy reviews for well over a year now and have yet to become sick of it. He's nearing a hundred video reviews and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down any time soon. He has been an affiliate of numerous various sex toy companies and websites and can honestly say that is the best website he has been apart of thus far. It can be hard out there for a male sex toy reviewer, so it's nice to finally find a home where people don't ask the same questions..."Why in the hell is a man reviewing this?!?!?" His take on reviews may be a little different from the norm. He likes to make his reviews as fun and as informative as possible. This way you can get as excited as he does when fresh new toy arrives in the mail! The point is to let you all know that it's okay to own a sex toy. There is nothing wrong with it. So by all means embrace it. We all have a lil' demon in us, why not let him out to play every once and awhile.

    • Zeke

      is a 24 year old PC tech and photographer, living in Michigan USA. Likes doing landscape photography and repairing PC's. In his free time, he loves to game! In photography, he is an intermediate photographer. He knows a lot ,but still have long ways to go. In the computer side of things, he is a rookie repair tech in need of a job in the IT field. He discovered ToyDemon on a random ad, checked it out, bought a toy and has been coming back ever since then. Hope everyone likes his reviews and he hopes to write more reviews for TD!

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